What students say about Tai Chi

October 25, 2011

Students in Tai Chi With Lu classes recently completed a survey to share their thoughts on learning Tai Chi and the benefits it brings. Those responding were a representative sample of beginner, intermediate, advanced and charter students.   Over half of the respondents had participated in outside activities such as public Tai Chi demonstrations and workshops in addition to attending regular weekly classes.

intermediate_class_single_whip_150x150The top five reasons for choosing Tai Chi, in order of importance, are                                                                                                            

1)health and physical well being                                                                 

2) peace and relaxation                                                                             

3) balance                                                                                                 

4) meditative spiritual practice                                                                   

5) fun and joy

Things that students enjoy most about classes are                             

1) learning technique and fundamentals                                                  

2) going deeper and being centered                                                        

3) the group relationship and friendships                                                 

4) balance of lecture, demonstration and practice

Things that students report that help their learning are

1) patient, positive, teaching

2) repetition

3) practice

4) feed back and correction

5) watching others

Some representative student comments

"I always feel better after class."   "It is a blessing to learn and grow"

"I know it is helping me."     "I enjoy it."   

"There is no pressure to prove myself."

'It starts my week end off in a positive way."