Tai Chi Chuan Yang Family 108 Long Form

Sifu Master Lu was fortunate to have the opportunity to study at and be certified in the school established by Master Pao Peter Lee in Palm Springs. She studied under Master Lee and with Sifu Noel, who was also certified by Master Lee. A small school, it was the first introduction of Tai Chi in the Coachella Valley. Sifu Noel developed many classes as well but relocated to Northern California. Thus, the Tai Chi with Lu school and its Sifu Circle now sustain the Lee 108 Yang tradition in this area.

Tai Chi with Lu Tai Chi Lineage

Pao Peter Lee (1917-2004) brought the 108 Yang family form of Tai Chi to Palm Springs in the Flower Drum Restaurant where he presented cultural programs and traditions on a regular basis. He was born in Beijjing and raised in the province of Wuhan. His grandfather, Wan Tsou was an author, scholar, and Dean at Hupei Teachers College. He was a great influence on Master  Lee, taught him Tai Chi and gave him his name which means, "Give help to people without expectation of return as a spiritual form of pursuing happiness."

Grandfather Wan Tsou learned the 108 Yang form from the disciples of Yang Lu Chan, the “Unsurpassed,” who is said to be the Father of the Yang family form (1799-1872). 

The Pathway of Chi Energy

ROOTS in the feet

SHOWS in the legs

CONTROLS at the waist

ISSUES from the back

PRESENTS in the hands

EXPRESSES in the eyes

Segment I

Segment II

Segment III