A Teaching Moment Presents Itself

June 29, 2020

by Sifu Lea Sherman

During a Tai Chi class it began to sprinkle outside. As I watched through the window, the drops collected and formed a trickle down the patio to the curb.

I invited the class to join me on the patio to see how following nature can be a lesson in Tai Chi.  

We discussed how a collection of rain drops are like components of a posture. When enough postures are achieved, they make a trickle. 

The trickle is like Segment One. It is the beginning of a journey and sets a direction your form will flow. When the trickle reached the curb and spilled over to join trickles from other curbs, it created a small stream.

The stream is like Segment Two. It  builds strength, collects momentum and embraces all that was experienced on the journey. At the corner when our stream was joined by streams from two cross streets, it became like a river.

The river is like Segment Three. It is strong and filled with wisdom for it has traveled far and will not easily be detoured from  its destination. 

The river, joined by other rivers from streets on the way to the flat land, flowed into a great body of water like the ocean. So we can see that when we begin with a single rain drop (posture), it can become like the ocean and the form can flow into infinity.