Student Tai Chi Demonstration: Tai Chi as Moving Meditation

Over a dozen students gathered with Sifu Lu and Coordinator Tony at the Center for Spiritual Living in Palm  Springs, CA. to present a short program presenting Tai Chi as moving meditation.  There are many people who are interested in this ancient practice from a meditative perspective.

The response is always the same.   Individuals comment on how moving it was to watch, how the energy could be felt, how the experience was personal and intimate, and how powerful the experience had been overall.

It is always a privilege to present Tai Chi practice as a group whatever the occasion.  Just as we experience when practicing alone, gathering as a group in public to share the experience of Tai Chi form is a gift that keeps on giving.

It may be that someone is moved by watching to step forward and try Tai Chi for himself or herself.   That often happens.  But with all practice, it is done first and foremost for the very powerful and personal lessons gained within.