Palm Springs, CA. Students Celebrate Tai Chi

December 7, 2011

Over 24 students assembled at the Old Creek House in Palm Springs, CA. in November, 2011  to demonstrate the 108 Yang family form together.  This was a more special occasion than usual.   Darlene Attenberry, a charter student who is completing her pathway to teaching certification, was invited by Sifu Lu to join her in leading the students in the form.

a_2_300x218Students of all levels participated in the demonstration for friends, family and the public at large.   For many beginners, this may be the first opportunity they have to see the full 108 form.  It can be both an awesome and inspiring experience.

Any time Tai Chi form is advanced and shared in this way, it can serve to enhance its overall benefits throughout world.  It is a shared energy experience of a practice we continue to enjoy and appreciate with the passing weeks and years.