Lu Learned from the Masters


Lu's Instructors

Peter Pao Lee (Lineage: Grandfather Wan Tsou and the Disciples of Yang Lu Chan:  108 Yang Long Form)

Noel Pittman Disciple of Peter Pao Lee and Cheng man Ch’ing School

Grandmasters Yang Zhenduo, Wu Wenhan, Ma Hailong, Sun Yongtian, and Chen Zhenglei Demonstration/Workshops in Yang, Chen, Wu, Sun, and Wu Hui forms. International Seminar, Nashville, TN, 2009

Li Shiying University of Physical Education, Beijing,China, 1999

Chen Er Hu Chen Village, China, 20th Generation Chen Family, 1999

Rick Barrett Annual Energy Workshop, Sedona AZ, 1999 ongoing

Jeff Primack Qi Gong Workshops, CA and FLA, 2007/2009

Roger Jahnke, OMD Tai Chi/Qi Gong Workshops, Kansas and FLA 2000/2007

Professor Suni Ya Qui Healing Demonstration, Beijing Health Care Center, 2000

Don Wilson Tai Chi Technique Workshops, AZ and CA, 1999, 2004

Chris Luth Tai Chi/Push Hands Workshop, CA, 1999

Toni De Moulin Push Hands Workshop, Santa Barbara, 2008

Wu Dang Gathering Workshops/Demonstrations, Boulder, CO, 2006

Cheng Man Ch’ing Form Cheng man Ch’ing100th Anniversary Conference, NY 2000

Energy Conference, Tempe Arizona  July 2009

David Wilcox, Divine Cosmos Convergence Conference, Tempe AZ.  2010 and 2011

Origins of Wisdom Conference, Albequerque. New Mexico