Tai Chi Demonstration in Palm Springs, CA.

May 21, 2011

FILE0002_300x225On Saturday, May 21st, 2011, approximately 20 individuals gathered on the lawn of the Old Creek House in Palm Springs, CA. to practice the full 108 Yang family form.   The group was a mix of Charter, advanced, intermediate and beginners students.  Each demonstrated the form learned to date, through classes and individual practice.

The group, accustomed to practicing with Tai Chi music, did the form without any music and found it to be an enjoyable experience.  The large fountain in near proximity added to the overall effect.   Following the 25 minutes demonstration, the group gathered in the restaurant for breakfast and sharing of stories, ideas and experiences.

We learn form in class.  We learn form when we practice alone.  We learn form when we practice with others.  We learn form when we solo.  And we learn form when we participate in a public demonstration.  Each is a unique experience, filled with its own special gifts and surprises.  All help to elevate the energy within and the energy on the planet at a whole.

We, at Tai Chi With Lu, are committed to offering a variety of learning opportunities for students at all levels.