Tai Chi Credentials

Sifu Master Lu brings over 40 years experience as a leader. consultant, seminar leader, professional speaker and college instructor to the practice and instruction of Tai Chi.  She has practiced the form for more than 20 years and has been offering regular classes through Tai Chi With Lu since 2004 in Palm Springs and Palm Desert, CA. Prior to that time she gained Tai Chi experience in diverse class settings.

She holds the following certifications:

  • Yang 108 Instructor, California, May 1999
  • 24 Tai Chi Form , China, 1999
  • Levels I-III Healing Touch Center for Integrative Medicine, San Diego, CA, 2003

Background:  Sifu Master Lu

1996-99           Student of Peter Pao Lee, Cheng Yang Fu lineage
                         Student of Noel Pittman, Cheng man Ching and Peter Pao Lee lineage                     

May 1999        Certified as Instructor, 108 Yang Family Form

July 1999        Chi Energy/Push Hands Workshop, Chris Luth, CA.

August 1999    Yang Family 24 form, Sifu Li Shiying, Beijing
                          Wushu Center, Chen Village, Chen Er Hu, 20th gen.

Sept. 99 - 09    Tai Chi Alchemy Workshop, Rick Barrett, AZ.

April 2000         Cheng man Ching 100th Anniversary Workshop NY

July 2000          Qi Gong Seminar Roger Jahnke, KS.

Nov. 2000         Demo, Beijing Health Center, Prof. Suni Ya Qui

Feb/Apr 2003    Healing Touch Levels I and II, College of the Desert, CA.

June 2003         Healing Touch Level III, Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, San Diego CA. 

Sept. 2004        Workshop with Don Miller, Push Hands Champion, CA.

Sept. 2004        Tai Chi With Lu classes begin

July 2006          Wu Dang Temple Conference, Boulder, CO.QiGong

Jan 2007           QiGong/Tai Chi Seminar, Roger Jahnke, FLA.

May 2008          Push Hands Workshop, Toni DeMouli, CA.

August 2007     QiGong Healing Seminar. Jeff Primack, CA.

April 2009         QiGong Healing Seminar, Jeff Primack, FLA.

June 2010         Energy Workshop, AZ.

July 2010           Divine Convergence Conference, David Wilcox, AZ

July 2012           Gathering of Five Grandmasters Conference, TN.

Sept. 2012         Wisdom of Masters Gathering, New Mexico

July 2013           QiGong Workshop Master Gu, CA.