Tai Chi Class Protocols

The following class protocols will clarify the attitudes, behaviors, and performance standards that are expected from all who participate in Tai Chi with Lu.  As a whole, they define the culture of our Tai Chi community.

  • Evaluate self-performance and avoid the temptation to evaluate the performance of others.  Acknowledge only what is practiced correctly in others, and find what needs correction in ones self.
  • Refrain from attempting to teach Tai Chi before you are certified to do so.
  • Model the code of honor and respect for self and for others in class and beyond.
  • Find a teacher who can guide you to learn and  demonstrate respect for that teacher in all learning situations.
  • Respect the lineage of the form and all the masters who have  brought it to you from the past.
  • Be attentive and practice what is taught.  Avoid the temptation to demonstrate what you have not practiced and do not understand.  For it will always be evident that you do not understand, and have not practiced.
  • Practice and celebrate what you have learned while recognizing there is much that you have not yet learned.
  • Be patient with your self and honor your learning process and timeline.  Be kind and supportive to others and honor their learning process and timeline.
  • Remain true to yourself at all times, and avoid the temptation to copy the form of another.  Practice the form in your own way, consistent with your own ability level and unique learning style.