Students Solo

July was an exciting month for students who chose to solo at various levels of the form to earn a certificate.  Nine students successfully practiced their form before other students in their class to demonstrate what they had learned.   They will receive their certificates at the annual Chinese New Year party in February of 2012.  

Practicing solo form before other classmates and the Sifu provides a unique learning opportunity for both the soloist and observers.  The soloist is tested to go within to reach the essence of form, leaving the observers behind.  The observers are able to follow the enjoy the presentation of the form in the unique manner of each soloist.

It is always inspiring to view what another students has accomplished.  It is also motivating to those who are newer into the form, and serves as encouragement to continue the journey.

2010_1218newestfamilytaichi0003There are lessons to learn in practicing form in class with others.  There are lessons to learn in practicing form alone.  There are lessons to learn in practicing the form with others outside of class.  There are lessons to learn in performing public demonstration form with other students.  And there are lessons to learn in presenting solo form.Students are encouraged to engage in all of these experiences to their learning.

There will be another opportunity for students to solo form in December of 2011.  Many of our seasonal students will be back at that time to participate.