Tai Chi With Lu Certifies New Instructor

November 28, 2011

Approximately 80 Tai Chi students friends, family and members of the general public gathered November 18, 2011 in Rancho Mirage, CA. to witness Darlene Atteberry in presenting a solo of the 10 Yang Family Tai Chi form.  This was the last step for Darlene in over 14 months of specialized activities along the pathway to teaching certification.

IMG_0012Darlene brings a life time of experience as an educator to her new Tai Chi teaching role.  She has been a Charter student in the Tai Chi With Lu school, and is a dedicated and diligent student.  She serves as an example and inspiration for many beginning and advanced students alike. 

This was a powerful and poignant day for many in attendance asa woman was certified to teach by a woman Sifu in an art practice that traditionally denied women the right to learn, to practice, and to teach.

The certification of a new teacher stands upon and honors the traditions and heritage of Tai Chi which has depended on passing the practice down from Master to new teacher for generations.

We congratulate Darlene on her new teaching venture and wish her well as she begins to share Tai  Chi and all of its benefits with those who come to her and are motivated and disciplined to learn.