Spirals in Tai Chi

May 30, 2020

By Sifu Darlene Atteberry

Spirals are circles that move energy (qi) for gathering and releasing. 

Spiraling connects yin and yang.

Spirals connect to dan tians.

Spirals are energy driven rather than muscle driven.

Spiraling is a joining of heaven qi and earth qi.

Spirals require relaxation of the body and mind so they can connect. 

Spirals coil and twist the energy externally and internally.

Spirals are shown in the legs, as in: something goes up, something comes down. 

Spirals are shown in waist when pouring from one root to another. 

Spirals are shown in hands as in: qi presents in the hands

Spirals are shown in arms as in: arms attached to shoulders turned by the waist.

Practice as if holding soap bubbles in your hands while walking with them; too tight, they will break; too loose, they will slip away.