Pathway To Teaching Certification

The requirements for teaching certification are designed individually for each qualified student. Certification depends on a number of variables, including years of Tai Chi practice, past teaching experience, and future teaching goals. The following list is offered as a design framework to Tai Chi teaching certification.

  • Pass Levels I, II and III of the 108 Yang Long Form.darlene
  • Demonstrate the full form in class for students at least once.
  • Demonstrate the full form in public at least once.
  • Develop a written plan of individual philosophy and goals of Tai Chi practice and teaching.
  • Discuss individual philosophy of Tai Chi practice and teaching in class with other students.
  • Complete at least 20 hours of supervised Tai Chi class instruction at various levels.
  • Lead at least two classes of unsupervised Tai Chi instruction and submit student evaluations of the experience.