New Sifu Certification Celebration

November 12, 2015

New Sifus Certified

On October 17, 2015, DeJuan Latimer and Lea Sherman presented individual public solos of the 108 Yang family form to complete the final requirements for Sifu Certification.  The event was held at the Center for Spiritual Living in Palm Springs, CA. and was attended by fellow Sifus, students, family and friends and the general public.

Although both of these individuals practice the same form, and are dedicated to the practice of internal energy tai chi, Sifu Lea's solo offered an example of yin energy form, while Sifu DeJuan's solo offered an example of yang energy form.  The contrast was consistent with the principle that each student practices form in the unique manner dictated by his or her body and internal energy.

Sifu Lea is committed to offering classes in several Palm Springs and Cathedral City settings, and Sifu DeJuan is committed to offering daily classes in Riverside CA., and to assisting with classes for the general public at Sunnylands Garden.

The certification of two additional Sifus in the Tai Chi With Lu school continues our commjitment to preserve and share the heritage of traditional Tai Chi brought to the Coachella Valley by Pao Peter Lee in the mid 80s.