More photos on the May Tai Chi demonstration

May 29, 2011

Tai_Chi_april_demo_2_300x152The Old Creek House is an ideal setting to practice and demonstrate Tai Chi together. The space is generous, the views are breathtaking, and the ease of access is ideal. One of the guests in attendance at the May demonstration kindly shared these photos from the day.

Each time we demonstrate, it is a unique experience. The students gathered are not the same. The classes and ability levels represented are not the same. Thus the energy generated and experienced is not the same.

tai_chi_april_demo_3_300x159It is important to me as the Sufi to offer opportunities to students on a regular basis for public demonstrations of the form. Very few students can attend all the gatherings. Most, however, do manage to get to at least one annually. Not only is it a powerful learning experience to participate in a Tai Chi demonstration, it also provides an occasion to demonstrate the shared energy and joy of Tai Chi. What a gift we have!

There is a growing momentum worldwide around the discovery of Tai Chi, and its popularity is improving. More and more people are being drawn to this practice because of its multiple benefits. Although it is not effective to try to persuade others to come in, it is very helpful to those who do not know much about the art, to see it in action.