Teachings from Master Pao Peter Lee

December 7, 2015

For the past year, I have been reflecting on the heart of the teachings I received from Master Pao Peter Lee, and share the following;

The form is a pathway to self awareness and personal growth.

To learn the discipline of form is to learn the discipline of self.

Beyond the technique of form lies the true spirit of the form.

The teacher is responsible for transmitting both the technique and the spirit of the form.

The student respects the teacher, not only as the source of learning the technique of the form, but also as the doorway to revealing the spirit of the form.

It is impossible to grow in understanding of the form without growing in awareness of one's inner self.  The teacher of form also guides the student toward inner growth.

A student cannot judge the value of a lesson before he has learned it.

A teacher cannot know the effectiveness of a lesson until a student has internalized it.

The teacher transmitting form is yang.  The student receiving form is yin.  The student transmitting gratitude to the teacher is yang.  The teacher receiving the student's gratitude is yin.  That is the tradition of teaching and learning form.

The technique of form is substantial and can change over time.  The spirit of form is insubstantial and cannot change over time.

The solution to many challenges in life, both personal and global, can be discovered in the form.

The form can be a vehicle for peace and harmony in the world.