Sifus Demonstrate Tai Chi form

December 17, 2014

Sifu Master Lu, Sifu Darlene and Sifu Jas presented the first annual Sifu demonstration of traditional Tai Chi Yang family 108 form on Saturday, November 15th, at the famous Sunnylands Gardens in Rancho Mirage, CA. 

Sifu apprentice Jackie introduced the event and acknowledged Master of Chi Tony for his years of support to the "Tai Chi With Lu" school.  She also presented insights into the history and practice of Tai Chi.

Those in attendance included new students who attend the recently initiated Saturday morning beginner Tai Chi classes at Sunnylands Gardens on Saturday mornings.  It was a beautiful sunny morning for the demonstration, and the rich lawn of the garden provided a special foundation.

Demonstrations of the full Tai Chi form provide a special way to honor all of the Masters who transmitted this practice over the ages, including Master Pao Peter Lee who brought the tradition to the Coachella Valley.  It is also an opportunity to unite in a special way with all those who practice the traditional form around the world.  And finally, it is an opportunity to share the energy of full form practice with those who are present to the event.

Sifu demonstrations will be an annual event in the community for these reasons.  Student demonstrations will continue for the same reasons.