Students Receive Certificates of Achievement in 2012

February 16, 2012

Students Awarded Certificates of Achievement in 2012

Over 40 students gathered with their guests in February 2012 to celebrate Chinese New Year at P. F. Cheng's at the River in Rancho Mirage, CA.  Following dinner, twelve beginner and intermediate students demonstrated the first segment of the 108 Yang family form.  An additional twelve students demonstrated Segment II and Segment III of the 108 Yang family form.

Cool weather, interspersed with rain, did not dampen the celebration, since the restaurant accommodated the Tai Chi demonstration by making room indoors.

Although, the space available was not ideal, the situation provided a unique learning setting for all.  It was essential to adjust the form to the space available.  Some students observed that the closer quarters provided a more intense experience of group chi, and strengthened synchronicity.

Over 18 students were awarded certificates at this gathering, including those who had passed first, second and/or third segments in the past year.  It also included the award of a teaching certificate to the first student certified in the school.  In addition, one honorary certificate was presented to the student who is consistently loyal to the principles and code of Tai Chi practice.  All certified students and instructors are listed under the classes tab on the website page headings.