Lead with Chi

...A leader’s road map to the secrets of Tai Chi


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Lead with Chi draws upon the author’s many years of experience in leadership and Tai Chi practice to share pragmatic insights for everyday use that can have lasting results.

Viewing the organization as an energy entity, and its leader as a mover of energy, the book reframes our understanding of how to make change and how to sustain ourselves in the process.

It gives a Tai Chi glimpse into how you can generate and sustain the energy it takes to accomplish what you choose to do.

Discover new strategies to stand with your integrity, hold your intention, strengthen your impact, and honor the paradox.

Quotes from the book

“A leader is a manager of energy, especially, but not exclusively, the energy of ideas and feelings”

“Our capacity to generate and circulate new ideas has escalated far ahead of our human capacity to internally energize ourselves to implement them.”Book_Cover_rear_214x300

“The fundamental question is, “How are we doing as leaders when it comes to managing ourselves and our energy?”

“Ultimately, the success of any leadership intervention is dependent on the interior condition of the intervener.”

“Whatever the situation or challenge in Tai Chi practice or in leadership, the answer is always ‘Yes’. The challenge is to find an energy pathway that will work.”

“Tai Chi practice moves upper and lower parts of the body as one. The effective leader moves upper and lower parts of the organization as one.”

What the readers are saying…

“This book made me think” Retired Executive

“Innovative, challenging, and inspiring view of leadership.” Silicon Valley IT leader

“Thought I would read it in one setting, but found myself stopping to think and write notes in the margain.” Business/leadership consultant

“Part memoir, part guidebook and part inspirational journey. Bridges the abstract and the practical, with results that are provocative and illuminating.” Author and editor