All About Students

January 23, 2011

“Everyone is a student and everyone is a teacher.” This is a fundamental philosophy of Tai Chi. Students teach me every time I am with them.

I have learned that most people learn with greater ease in a relaxed environ, with levity and joy as the predominate energy.

I have learned that repetition is at the core of learning Tai Chi, and patience in teaching helps to model the patience needed in learning.

I have learned

that students that commit to the classes over time are deeply dedicated to their own learning, and deserve teaching that is also dedicated to their learning, grounded in deep respect for the learner.

I have learned that students have a great deal to offer to others in class, and find it essential to provide adequate time for student sharing in class.

I have learned that “not knowing” in the Sifu helps students learn faster, than an attitude of “all knowing” would do.

I have learned that I always teach what I most need to learn, and that what I teach strengthens the part of the form in which I was the weakest.

And finally, I have learned that listening to students, and being the lesson is the heart of meaningful teaching. Not knowing is more powerful than knowing for both student and Sifu.

Thank you students for all of these lessons and many more.