With Lu Molberg, Sifu Master, Author of Lead with Chi

Tai Chi is an internal energy practice for health, strength, and relaxation. We believe in the power and potential of chi energy within ourselves and throughout the universe.

We honor Master Pao Peter Lee, our lineage, who brought Tai Chi to the Coachella Valley and taught with love and respect rather than a desire for fame or personal gain.

Click here to learn more about Master Lee. And check out the blogs on Internal and External Practice, and the Role of Lineage and Tradition. Master Lu's class information is listed below; classes taught by other Sifus can be found on the Class Schedule tab. To learn more about the school's events and demonstrations, visit our Timeline.

The Yang Family Form

Tai Chi

...is an ancient Chinese exercise that gathers, circulates, nurtures, directs, and releases vital life energy or chi. It is a tool for health preservation, self protection and mental calm, and is practiced slowly and deliberately with root, relaxation, mental intention and focus.

As a passive martial art, Tai Chi is rooted in the basic values of all martial arts; respect for self, respect for others, respect for the opportunity and responsibility to learn, and respect for those who pass on the teaching.

Benefits of Tai Chi Practice

Some of the primary benefits of practice are seen in posture control, balance, overall strength, sensitivity and awareness, flexibility and agility, coordination and reaction time, and self confidence. The incidence of falls is lower in those who practice Tai Chi.

Research also indicates that regular Tai Chi practice can positively affect cardio-respiratory and immune function, memory, hypertension, quality of sleep, bone density, cancer side effects, organ function, asthma, multiple schlerosis, arthritis, anti-aging enzymes, and sex hormone levels.

Tai Chi Originated

...as a tool for health and longevity, but was also used for self protection. Its early origin can be traced back over one thousand years. The original thirteen-posture form is said to have developed in the Wu Dang Temple in the late 1300’s. Tai Chi later grew as distinct forms rooted in different Chinese families.

The Yang Family Form

...is the most practiced Tai Chi form world wide. It is attributed to Yang Lu Chan "The Unsurpassed" (1799-1872) who is purported to be the father of the Yang family form.



YouTube Video

Tai Chi With Lu beginning students demonstrate the First Segment of the 108 Yang Family Form at the River, Ranch Mirage, CA, at the Chinese New Year Celebration (click on photo to play video).

Coming Events  

Community Tai Chi at Sunnylands, Rancho Mirage (dates to be confirmed soon) - Masks Will Be Required
Taught by Sifus Jas, Lea, D.J. and Jay: complimentary

Tai Chi with Lu Class Schedule - suspended till further notice

Classes Taught by Other Sifus in the Tai Chi Circle of the Desert

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